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“The ‘Cure’ is worse than the Disease”

Protests #NoFreedom Weekend 19th/20th Sep

Protests will again occur throughout Australia following #NoFreedomDay to protest disproportionate responses to the alleged pandemic. We support those PEACEFUL PROTESTERS that protest within the laws. In some places you may need to exercise diligence in finding out what those laws actually are in your area. 

We would encourage protesters to unify with a repetitive slogan and as this has not been done, for this weekend we recommend “Lockdown Lies Cost Lives”. Especially with recent events in the Victorian Parliament. Promote this with the hashtag #LockdownLiesCostLives and link to this page WeStopThem.org/lockdownlives for more information. We ask for and welcome others to join to help us create these resources for all. Thank you. 

There are a number of groups that provide such information. Recently we came across a new startup group that looks to have excellent potential. It is based around the ethos of Decentralised Protests, a concept that has worked well in places under tighter, let us say, controls, than other places, like Hong Kong. It is free to join and so far seems to have some good information provided. You will need to join Telegram.org on Android or Iphone to do so which is a trivial process. Once joined, you can easily visit the group at t.me/PeacefulProtests 

We have also created a channel which you are free to join t.me/WeStopThem – Currently we have no content but we have looked into Telegram security and like it so will be setting up a presence there also. If you join, when we start to post content, you will be one of the first informed.

The reactions of governments in various locations around the world have been very disproportionate to the alleged “pandemic” when the actual evidence and statistics are fairly considered. Just the economic impact alone of the actions of governments will be devastating and from their actions aready, we have not yet felt the tip of the iceberg in terms of the economic depression this will cause.

Goverments have stopped international travel and even domestic travel in many areas, massively restrticted trade and have been printing money for stimulus as if there are no consequences to doing so. There certainly will be, and they will be incredibly bad. And they are buying up stocks to make it appear that the markets are doing fine. But companies are not making money when they cannot trade.

Most affected businesses of course are the smaller businesses, and the consequences there are heartbreaking to many. 

Some are even taking the drastic tragic action of suicide in response. 

The alleged “Crisis” and the crux of the problem

The Covid-19 crisis itself, even if you believe the official story & figures, simply doesn’t warrant the excessive & draconian measures that have been put into place. As you can see from the figures below, the “crisis” is primarily affecting the elderly (who commonly have comorbid conditions) – Yet, ALL groups in society are kept isolated. Why? Why shouldn’t high risk groups & those who are symptomatic be isolated (at most)?

COVID-19 Cases and Deaths by Age

The fact is, when you compare the current figures for previous flu seasons – this “Crisis” barely stands out. 2017 still far surpassed the deaths from COVID-19 – yet society wasn’t thrown into chaos with new laws passed, businesses & lives destroyed and police brutality cheered for by a gullible mob of yes men.

Lockdown induced Deep Depression & Suicides

Victorian Parliament Lockdown Suicides Tabled

Recently in Victoria Australia, a tragic event was brought to the attention of Parliament. A couple that owned a beauty salon had given up all hope due to the disproportionate lockdown that they dropped their young children at their grandparents and then went off and committed a double suicide. 

This is the footage of it in Parliament.

Despite a recent report by the VIctorian Coroners Court that the state hasn’t yet experienced an increase in suicides, experts warn that as the economic impact of the Covid-19 lockdowns will continue to weigh heavily on Australians & as the economic support from services such as Job Keeper are scaled back, the number is likely to drastically rise. Victorians are accessing mental health services at a drastically increased rate, and despite an increase in government funding, the already dysfunctional mental health services are going to struggle with the impact. A Royal Commission enquiry into the Victorian mental health system before the Covid-19 crisis found it woefully under equipped even at the time. As it stands, Victorians are struggling even access these services, so it’s really not clear how the additional funding is helping clients, or if it’s simply yet another typical governmental “pork barrel” to fund the professional bureaucrats in charge.

Victoria is currently one of the most severely locked down areas on the planet. The conditions for the public consist of:

  • Night curfews
  • Maximum of 5km distance one may travel from their house
  • A maximum of 1 hour one is allowed outside per day to exercise
  • Compulsory mask wearing
  • Social distancing
  • Limitations of numbers of people that can travel together
  • Fines from hundreds to almost $2000 for on the spot infringements and threats of far greater fines if one fights it it court

Yet Victoria is not the only place being severely negatively impacted in terms of mental health and suicide.

In May the primary central online medical resource in America, PubMed, published an article showing the effects of the fear mongering of COVID-19 and the way certain governments were reacting.

COVID-19 suicidal behavior among couples and suicide pacts: Case study evidence from press reports


An Illinois couple is also thought to have commited suicide simply because they thought they had the dreaded “Covid”. Official numbers of “Covid deaths” are arguably manipulated with many attributed as being from Covid, being allegedly instead with Covid and mortality being likely from other causes. Yet even by these official statistics the overall death rate of allegedly infected is likely lower than 0.1%. Certainly not something to commit suicide over. 

So what is wrong? FEARMONGERING 

Coronavirus fears linked to Illinois pair’s murder-suicide


Loved Ones Heartbroken in Grief and Solitary Confinement

In severely locked down areas such as Victoria Australia we are finding families cut off from loved ones. Elderly are in homes unable to receive the love from their family members. And we know the elderly are more vulnerable to stress, disease and dying when they do not have their loved ones to comfort them. 

For every elderly person that dies even if they die allegedly with Covid, we seriously need to ask the questions of whether they died of the alleged SARS Cov-2. The Covid tests seem non-specific for Covid and nearly all of those allegedly dying from Covid are very elderly. 

It is time to start asking how much the lockdown measures are contributing to the deaths rather than the alleged pathogen. 

Police Overreach and Brutality against Protesters

The overreach in some places by policing forces with the excuse of the pandemic is completely horrifying. One place that is experiencing this is Victoria, Australia, and they are forced to wear masks or apparently this can happen. The police literally ran the vehicle into a man pushed him to the ground then several officers, although I would use other choice words from them, brutalised him with one stomping on his head and causing critical injuries that put the police victim in hospital. The movie the Grey State comes to mind. 

This video was sourced from Telegram chat group t.me/PeacefulProtestsVideosAustralia. It has many such resources of protests for Australia and as such we can recommend it as a great resource. They also have an interactive chat group t.me/PeacefulMarchVideosAustralia1 where you are able to share your own videos of Peaceful Protests and horrifically quite often, not peaceful police.  

Then we have the example of pregnant lady Zoe, who had the mastermind criminal intent to create a peaceful protest event on Facebook. 

You would think such an arrest would mean Zoe had just organised some massive violent protest, but no, Zoe was in the country town of Ballarat and the protest on Facebook Events had only 5 people even acknowledge themselves as going, and one of them was actually Zoe’s mother! She does not even have a large Facebook following so could hardly be considered and “influencer” and threat to the establishment. 

This is a screenshot of the event. Clearly it is obvious that the event was to comply with all rules of the “lockdown” which in her area was stage 3 at that time. “All social distancing measures are to be followed”, and “Wear a mask unless you have a medical reason not to”. 


Apparently compliance with the laws supposedly put in place to prevent the alleged Coronavirus from spreading are not enough for Victoria. If masks and social distancing actually work against the alleged virus why does Victoria need to prevent protests that comply with masks and social distancing?

Meanwhile, despite all the police resources being dedicated to harassment of peaceful protestors or pregnant women over Facebook posts –  the ever increasing crime wave of home invasions, burglaries & murders in Melbourne by so-called “Youth Gangs” and other criminals continues unabated. The only discretion being exercised by Victorian Police & the Justice system as a whole is in the highly selective law enforcement intended to act in support of various political agendas – NOT to protect the public as the thugs of the State like to claim.